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To chart a course through Napa Valley is to appreciate what makes this place one of the most diverse winegrowing regions in the world. From high atop Atlas Peak to the rolling hills of Carneros, from the steep slopes of Howell Mountain to the valley floor of Rutherford, wines take on an unparalleled range of terroir expression.

Atalon Napa Valley is inspired by the diversity encompassed within this storied region, and driven by an intrepid spirit of discovery. Our philosophy—a combination of ongoing exploration and uncompromising quality—arises from a deeply rooted relationship with the land. We take a fresh approach, sourcing Bordeaux-style wines from exclusive locations and allowing them to honor their origins with an elegance and complexity that lies at the very heart of contemporary Napa Valley life.

Good food, good friends, and new, multifaceted wines from elite appellations—these are the coordinates of Atalon Napa Valley. The direction you take is up to you.

compassThe first compasses were made of lodestone, a naturally magnetized ore of iron. Early compasses were used by the ancient Chinese for geomancy "in the search for gems".

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